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RK Sprockets

RK Sprockets are manufactured using the latest industry leading Japanese technology. RK Sprockets are used by world leading motorcycle manufacturers and race teams. RK has a range of both steel and light weight alloy sprockets.

Sprocket info

Steel Front Sprockets
  • Advanced heat treatment
  • Front sprocket manufactured using SCM-415 Alloy Steel
  • Precision machining for enhanced power delivery and efficiency
  • Shot peened hardened surface
  • Special carburizing heat treatment for hardened teeth and maximum durability

Steel Rear Sprockets
  • Advanced heat treatment
  • Rear sprocket manufactured using S45C Carbon Steel
  • Precision machining for enhanced power delivery and efficiency
  • Shot peened hardened surface
  • High frequency induction heat treatment for hardened teeth and maximum durability

Alloy Sprockets
  • Light weight design for better performance
  • Made from 7075–T6, European aircraft aluminium
  • Hard Anodized finish in Team Colours
  • Self cleaning mud-grooves
  • CNC machined

When selecting a replacement sprocket for your motorcycle:

Be sure to only fit sprockets of a design and number of teeth which are compatible with your model of motorcycle. An incorrect fitment may cause damage to the sprocket and/or the motorcycle, or cause a serious accident.

RK sprockets are designed and produced under strict quality standards to provide a full service life when used in conditions for which your motorcycle was originally designed. No warranty, either expressed or implied, applies when any sprocket or the motorcycle to which it is fitted has been modified, used in racing or any competition nor subjected to abnormal use, or used without the correct maintenance.

Replacement and maintenance of sprockets and drive chain:

Sprockets are a consumable item. The life span of your sprockets is largely reliant on the condition of the drive chain. Regular maintenance of the drive chain, by checking adjustment, cleaning and lubricating at periods recommended by the motorcycle manufacturer will ensure the best life of your sprockets. Failing to maintain correct chain adjustment and lubrication may render any sprocket warranty null and void.

It is recommended only suitably qualified persons or a professional mechanic change sprockets and/or drive chain, with adherence to the motorcycle manufacturer’s recommendations for assembly method and torque specification.

When sprockets or drive train show signs of wear, replace as soon as possible.

Using worn sprockets with a serviceable drive chain, or worn drive chain with serviceable sprockets will compromise the life span of both chain and sprockets and the performance of your motorcycle. Replacing both sprockets and drive chain at the same time is highly recommended to ensure the best performance and reliability of your motorcycle.

Do not check adjustment, clean or lubricate drive chain or sprockets while the motorcycle’s engine is running as an unexpected accident may occur. All drive chain and sprocket maintenance must be carried out only after the engine has stopped.