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General Information

It is extremely important to maintain your chain correctly to achieve the maximum life expectancy of your roller type drive chain. No matter what brand or type of chain you purchase, it will not last if it is incorrectly maintained.

Chain Adjustment

Always follow factory recommendations for chain adjustments. Adjust your chain alignment and tension to the OEM specifications for your motorcycle. New Chains: After fitting a new chain, it should be checked and adjusted after the first 50 kms and again after every 250 kms. All Chains: The chain should be checked and adjusted after every 250 kms and for any Off-road use or any type of Competition use, the chain should be checked and adjusted every 30 minutes or before each Ride or Moto.

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Cleaning is a crucial step in maintaining your chain. It should be cleaned every 500 kms or less, depending on conditions i.e. Off Road or any other Competition use. Use Motul Chain Cleaner (16-710-00) to remove grime from around the link plates and rollers. Never use contact cleaner, high pressure or steam cleaning process as this will contaminate the internal lubrication. Additionally, for sealed type chains (O, X, XW, U-ring) never use a coarse stiff brush as this will cause damage to the O-Rings.


Lubricant must be applied after cleaning and be repeated every 250 kms or less (depending on riding conditions). Motul chain lubricants are recommended.

We recommend the following which can be used on both

So why do chains fail?

99.9% of all chain failures can be attributed to the following reasons. Incorrect application, poor installation or improper adjustment, mismatched drive components and the lack of correct maintenance – any of these situations can and will create the dynamic force which will result in a chain failure.


Warranty applies only to sealed type chains (O, X, XW-ring) on road bike use only and is covered by a 10,000 kms Pro-rata Warranty.

The Warranty covers against manufacturing defects only. Warranty does not cover - incorrect application, mis-installation, improper adjustment, mismatched drive components and the lack of correct maintenance.

Please note, the correct chain type application must be adhered to – refer to Link International’s current chain and sprocket applications.

There is no warranty of any kind, for a chain used in any dirt riding, road racing, race practice or ride-day activities.

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