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Motul Myth Vs Fact - Are car and motorcycle oils similiar?

1671 views  •  16/12/2015


Car & motorcycle engine oils are similar


Each oil is blended for specific purposes and requirements


Lubricate moving parts in the engine + cool, lubricate and protect the clutch + lubricate and protect the gearbox.


Mainly to lubricate moving parts in the engine.

How are they different then?

Protection for gearbox

Because a motorcycle uses the same oil for both engine and gearbox, the oil needs to offer protection for both engine components and gears. This requires motorcycle oil to be uniquely formulated with such dedicated technology.

Excellent shear stability

Shear stability is the measure of the amount of viscosity that an oil may lose during operation. Since a motorcycle's engine oil serves two functions – to lubricate both engine and gearbox – it needs to be able to maintain its intended viscosity for the entire service life. With service intervals increasing to 10,000km, such shear stability has become extremely important.

Balanced lubricated friction characteristics

A car's engine oil aims to reduce friction between moving parts in order to provide good fuel economy and efficiency. A motorcycle's engine oil requires balanced friction characteristics as it needs to lubricate the wet clutch, which in turn transfers engine power to the drivetrain. If the friction level is too low, the clutch will not be able to engage and will cause slippage.

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