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Part No: 16-719-00
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$16.90 EA

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Information & Specifications  

Motul Helmet & Visor Clean cleans the outside of the helmet and visor without leaving any marks.

Spray on the outside of the helmet and visor. Leave to work for a few moments, then wipe with a soft, non-fluffy cloth. Motul Helmet & Visor Clean is suitable for all helmets and all visor technologies. The product's neutral, non-aggressive formula effectively dissolves greasy or dry dirt without damaging the underlying surface, leaving an anti-insect film.

  • Neutral and non-aggressive formula.
  • Removes oily and dry dirt without damaging the surface.
  • Suitable for all helmets and for all technologies of visors.
  • Anti-insect action for optimal cleaning.
  • Spray Motul Helmet & Visor Clean from a distance of 20 cm approximately over the outside of the helmet and over the visor.
  • Leave to dry for a few moments.
  • Wipe with a soft and dry cloth to obtain a perfect finish.

Customer Reviews  

Overall Rating:
(2 reviews)
Harrington Doyle Racing Arrow Chassis
January 11, 2017
Such a great product! I had my helmet hand painted 3 years ago by Mad56 in Italy, and after three years of using this fantastic product my helmet still looks brand new! Thank you to Motul for their continued support and for always keeping my helmet in immaculate condition! My helmet is my pride and joy and I would not trust any other product on it so thank you!
KA1 Arrow Kart
January 13, 2017
Great product! Presentation is important at any level of competition and Motul M1 Helmet & Visor Clean makes it easy to keep my helmet like new. Easy to use and gives a great result.

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