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Keiti Tank Pads

KEITI is a professional manufacturer of motorcycle tank pads, yoke pads and fuel cap pads used to enhance appearance and protect the tank from scratches.

High quality Keiti Tank protectors feature graphics for your particular make and model as well as some highly original designs to make your bike stand out from the crowd.

In order to assure consistent product quality, Keiti’s entire production process is undertaken in a dust free clean room environment and products pass thorough inspection with 100% compliance before being approved for despatch.

Keiti pads are manufactured from the highest quality vinyl thermally printed and coated with a durable 3D gel layer which has the following properties which separate them from poor quality imitations:

Keiti Additions

Keiti Tank Pad

UV stable

The tankpad won't fade or become dull even after long term exposure to harsh Australian sunlight.

Design perfection

The resin coating is completely transparent which highlights the rich colour and unique Tankpad design characteristics.

Ultimate protection

The unique gel coating repairs itself when scratched giving you that constant new look for your prized possession.

Durable adhesion

The coating tapers at the edges of the pad to ensure sealing is maintained even during bike cleaning.

For the ultimate in design, quality and durability you can’t go past Keiti Tank Pads for your motorcycle.