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Ferodo Brake Pad Compound Selection Guide

Ferodo Brake Pad Compound Selection Guide


Ferodo Race Materials Evaluated Under Race Conditions

Ferodo Road Materials Evaluated Under Road Conditions

Ferodo Off-Road Materials Evaluated Under Off-Road Conditions


Friction Level
Overall average friction coefficient.

How easy the brake is to modulate.

Wet Braking
The effectiveness of the material in wet conditions.

Initial friction at the start of the stop.

Pad Life
How long the pad lasts

The amount of brake squeal and other vibration generated during the braking event.

Fade Resistance
Resistance to drop-off in friction coefficient under severe braking conditions.

Disc Life
The life of the disc taking into consideration not only the reduction in thickness due to wear, but also maintenance of good surface condition.

Pad Life in Mud
Important for off-road bikes