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Polisport Plastics

  • Do I need to buy fork protectors?
    If you are going to be using your motorbike off-road then you do need to put in place some additional protection for key motorcycle parts such as the forks. provides a wide range of dirt bike plastics such as fork protectors for leading makes and models. Fork protectors are affordable and easy to fit. They can help to protect the more expensive fork legs and callipers from knocks and scrapes during competition events or when you are just having some off-road fun. Fork protectors are just one of those essential motorcycle partsthat are widely available and can provide your dirt bike with that authentic factory look.
  • How do I fit fork protectors?
    Fork protectors are quite easy to fit and you will not have to remove any motorcycle parts to do this. Fitting will depend on what make and model of bike you have. Fork protectors will come in a standard kit in most cases that you will need to fit yourself. You will not need a high skill level to do this and each kit will come with full installation instructions. For example standard plastic kits for a GasGas dirt bike (125, 250 or 450) can offer fork protectors which take only a few steps to fit:
    - Fit the spacer into the front wheel spindle box end (throttle side) and loosely connect the larger nut to the larger spindle bar end.
    - Push the washer in place behind the nut and then slide the protector (with the larger hole) up to the nut.
    - Put the assembly through to spacer already fitted to the box end and push through the hollow spindle. Place the other protector over the exposed spindle bar end.
    - Now fit the smaller nuts and washers to the spindle bar end.
    - Use a socket on either end and tighten up until the assembly locks in place. Make sure you don't tighten this up too much; it should be firmly in place but still able to flex in response to the bike's movement.
  • Do I need to replace my rear fender if it gets broken?
    You do need to replace your rear fender if it is damaged or broken. Not only does the rear fender keep your back from getting splattered with mud and water but it will also help to prevent you from spraying mud in the face of the riders behind you. This is not a competitive advantage, just plain bad sportsmanship! New rear fenders are one of those widely available motocross plastics parts and are affordable and easy to replace. offers a number of affordable replacement plastics for dirt bikes.
  • What are shock covers?
    Shock covers are essential motorbike plastics and protect the lower shock from road and track dirt. This stops grit, dust, sand and salt entering this important area of your bike and causing serious damage. Shock covers can extend the life of your shock absorber and are a basic bit of kit if you intend to use your bike off-road. If dirt and track debris does get into your shock shafts then the up and down movement will rub the particles against the shafts causing them to become pitted. This leads to a number of problems such as worn o-rings (these keep the shock oil in place) and poor performance. Shock covers are essential dirt bike plastics particularly if you regularly ride in very dusty, muddy or sandy conditions.
  • Are plastic or rubber shock covers better?
    Shock covers are available in plastic kits and you can also get rubber/neoprene versions. One drawback of rubber shock covers is that oil from the shocks can leak into the rubber causing them to become ‘sticky'. This will trap dirt, sand and grit inside the cover and they can fill up, pushing the debris into the shock shafts. The plastic covers are much easier to clean and oil will just wipe away and will not trap dirt against the shock.
  • How do I repair damaged dirt bike plastics?
    You do need to check your motocross plastics over carefully before every use. Plastic fenders, shock covers and chain sliders can easily become damaged in rough off-road conditions and will need sorting out before you use the bike again. You can tape up cracks and splits temporarily but replacement plastics for dirt bikes are widely available and affordable so it is best just to replace them with a new product.
  • What dirt bike plastics do I need for events?
    If you are entering into competitive events you may not be allowed to take part if your dirt bike plastics are in bad condition. Make sure you have a few replacement plastic kits with you just in case your fenders, chain slider etc... become significantly damaged. This will allow you to do last minute repairs so you can continue racing in the event of an accident. You can get different replacement plastics for dirt bikes in kits for specific events such as motocross and enduro and these will provide you with everything you need.
  • How should I care for motocross plastics?
    There is a big debate in the off-road world about whether pressure washers are any good for cleaning down dirt bikes. Pressure washers make quick work of caked on mud and grime but they can force water up into bushings, seals and mechanical motorcycle parts and cause lots of problems. However a compromise can be achieved. Take the side panels, fenders and other easily removable plastic parts off and use the pressure washer on these (and the wheels) to remove dirt. Then use a bucket of warm water, a good quality car/bike wash and a sponge to work around key areas such as the shock and forks. Motul Wash and Wax (or any other non-toxic and biodegradable cleaner) is a good option as it will not tarnish aluminium parts the way some strong autocare cleaners can.
  • How do I get clay stains off my white motorbike plastics?
    If you are using your dirt bike in clay soil terrains then the white sections get stained after a while. You can remove this by using a strong cleaner such as Westleys Bleach White but make sure you avoid using this on any coloured plastics as this could fade them. Don't use abrasive cleaners on motorbike plastics as this will just scratch the surface.
  • What are chain sliders used for?
    Chain sliders keep your chain running smoothly and significantly reduce chain slap noise. Dirt bikes are noisy by nature but the sound of your chain slapping can be very off putting so chain sliders are an essential bit of kit.



Honda Replica Plastics



  • How can I make my 125cc Honda dirt bike legal?
    If you buy a Honda 125cc dirt bike there are a few simple steps you can take to make it road legal. Firstly you will need a headlamp, tail light and you may need to buy a new plastics kit to accommodate these. You will also need a speedometer, horn, indicators and at least a 12v battery. Dirt bikes are designed to rev very high so you will need to drop the rear sprocket of your Honda 125cc in order to modify acceleration and increase top end speed. The suspension will also need adjusting for comfort and agility on road conditions. All of the Honda parts you will need to turn your 125cc road legal are widely available from both independent suppliers and Honda dealers.
  • How fast can a Honda 125cc dirt bike go?
    Honda are a leading dirt bike manufacturer and have produced a number of different 125cc models over the years and the top speeds do vary. The CR 125 model for example is very lightweight (just over 85 kilograms) and has a powerful 41-horsepower engine. This means that that it can achieve an impressive top speed of just over 130km/ph in good conditions.
  • Can you convert a Honda dirt bike to electric start?
    Electric start motorbikes are much more convenient than kick starts and there are Honda parts conversion kits available for the popular larger dirt bike models. One major consideration is that if you want an electric start you do need a battery so you must choose the appropriate kit if your bike does not already have a battery. You may find it difficult to get electric Honda motorcycle parts starter kits for the smaller bore bikes (400cc and below) though.
  • What is the best Honda dirt bike for a female rider?
    The average female rider is smaller and lighter so you do need to pick the right size model for comfort and control. If the bike is too large and heavy it will be hard to manage and will tip over easily, particularly when trying to navigate rough terrain and sharp bends. Top model choices for smaller adult riders include the CRF150F and a CRF230F. These are popular options and are affordable and there are plenty of Honda motorcycle parts available for easy maintenance.
  • What Honda dirt bike is best for really rough conditions?
    You need durability, power and stability when off-roading in very rough conditions. One of the best bikes on the market for dealing with tough terrain is the Honda XR650R. This is the bike of choice for the world's most challenging and hostile off road races such as those in Baja California. Baja is very hot, dry and dusty and the hard rocky ground puts the frame and suspension of any bike to the test. The Honda XR650R performs very well in these conditions and there are lots of replacement and aftermarket Honda parts available for this model.
  • What are the benefits of a dry sump for dirt bikes?
    Honda provides several models with dry sumps (such as the mighty Honda XR650R). The main benefit of this for dirt bikes is that it causes the engine to rev more quickly providing instant low end power the moment you twist the throttle.
  • How can I make my dirt bike look like a professional race model?
    There are a wide number of great aftermarket Honda parts and accessories for dirt bikes and you can get some really stylish race plastic replica kits and graphics. The graphics are inspired by Honda Racing team colours and designs and can make your bike look like a professional race machine.
  • How can I find my Honda dirt bike model number?
    When you are ordering replacement Honda motorcycle parts it is a good idea to have your bike number ready. Honda makes a wide range of off-road dirt bikes and many of the models are very similar in looks and style but have very different parts. If you have the model number of your bike you can make sure you order the right Honda motorcycle parts and accessories. The easiest way to find out the model number of your bike is to look at the frame. All authentic Honda bikes have metal plates attached to the neck of the frame which states various details such as the model number. These numbers can be quite small and difficult to read though so you may find it easier to contact a certified Honda dirt bike dealer. They will have complete lists of all the model numbers and will be able to tell you which model your bike is. It is also a good idea to check through the paperwork for your bike and see if you have the original product manual as this will list the model number as well.
  • What types of replica kits do Polisport offer for Honda dirt bikes?
    If you want to smarten up your Honda dirt bike then Polisport offer a wide range of replica plastic Honda parts including stunning new full body kits. These plastic aftermarket Honda parts are designed to provide a glossy, high colour finish which is less prone to damage and scratching. You can get rear fenders, slide covers, radiator covers, fork guards, side panels and more and since these are designed for specific models so you can ensure the best fit. Fitting Polisport plastic kits is relatively easy and you will only need a few basic tools.
  • How do you put dirt bike graphics on your plastics?
    If you want to add Honda Racing team colours to your dirt bike you can buy some excellent graphic kits from Honda parts suppliers. These can be easy to fit but you do need to do the right preparation. Firstly the plastics need to be in good condition and you should consider replacing any that are chipped or cracked. This can ruin the effect of the graphics and make them more difficult to fit. You can get some cost effective replacement plastics from suppliers. To get started fitting your graphics you will need to remove any old stickers and thoroughly clean the surface of the plastics with hot soapy water. Dry completely and then lay your graphics out ready to apply. Use a hair dryer to gently warm the plastics and then peel back a small section of the sticker and press in place. Then line the sticker up and slowly remove the rest of the backing and carefully smooth the sticker onto the surface of the plastics. Work in one direction and squeeze out air bubbles as you go. Once you have finished if you spot any air bubbles you can prick them gently with a pin and then smooth them over.



Replica Plastics - KTM EXC + Replica Plastics - KTM SX



  • How can I source KTM motorcycle parts for older models?
    It can be difficult to get parts for older models of KTMs. When KTM first started making dirt track and enduro bikes the demand was not high and so the aftermarket companies didn't bother producing KTM parts and accessories for them after a few years. Basically if you have a model dating back to the 1980's then parts would have stopped being produced by the 1990s. However you may find some companies selling older KTM parts if you are lucky. It is worth contacting a dealer as many modern parts will fit on older models as well. You could also consider looking around the classified ads and seeing if you can find another bike as a donor model if parts are really scarce.
  • Are used KTMs a good choice for a dirt bike?
    You can get some good used KTMs by looking through auctions, classified ads and dealers. You do need to take care when buying any type of used dirt bikes to make sure you get a genuine and reliable bike. A typical problem with used dirt bikes is that they have not been maintained or cleaned properly. This means dirt will have entered the shock, gearbox and engine causing oil leaks, sticking throttles and gearbox seizures. Make sure you start the bike and give it a quick test run to ensure then engine, throttle, clutch and gear changes are smooth. If the bike has any aftermarket KTM motorcycle parts ask for the receipts and check they are the genuine items.
  • How can I find out the right price for KTM bike and parts?
    Before you buy a new/used KTM or any KTM motorcycle parts and accessories it is important to check the recommended retail prices. This will help you to judge a fair deal when you are buying from different online and offline providers. Many authorised KTM dealers have comprehensive bike and KTM parts catalogues and these list the standard prices and full details about the products. There are also a number of good dirt bike magazines and websites that list prices and full reviews for you to check out before you buy anything.
  • How can you tell if a KTM model is genuine?
    Stolen dirt bikes are a big problem so it is important if you are buying a used bike that you check all the paperwork thoroughly. Never buy a bike that is being sold without paperwork even if the seller seems to have a good excuse for this. Without the paperwork you cannot verify the bike's history or see if the chassis number matches the documents. If you are buying KTM motorcycle parts make sure you get them from a reliable independent supplier or an authorised dealer. This will help you to avoid stolen or inferior counterfeit parts.
  • What checks do I need to carry out on my KTM before a race meet?
    If you are going to be using your KTM in competitive events you do need to carry out a few checks beforehand to ensure the bike is in good condition for the races. Put the bike on a stand (rear wheel off the ground) and check the swingarm bearings. There should be about 5mm of play in most models (check the manual for exact figures). Any more than this and the bearings will need replacing. Check around the engine for any signs of oil leaks and also check the radiators for coolant leaks. Put the bike in neutral and start it up. Check the engine is running smoothly and revving easily. Listen out for any rattles or top end noise that could indicate potential problems. Test the brakes and make sure they are still in good condition. Replace worn pads before race day. KTM motorcycle parts are widely available so you should be able to find all the replacement items you need.
  • What types of KTMs are best for enduro racing?
    KTM make two very powerful enduro racing bikes, the 690 Enduro and the 690 Enduro R. These are two of the top enduro bikes on the market and offer reliable, fast and durable performance suitable for both road and off-road conditions. The 690 Enduro R is a slightly lighter weight option which offers additional performance for competitive events. These enduro bikes are very popular so there are plenty of replacement KTM motorcycle parts and aftermarket accessories available.
  • What aftermarket plastic accessories are available for KTMs?
    As you would expect from any manufacturer with racing teams there are plenty of great aftermarket KTM parts and accessories available from dealers and independent suppliers. You can get some great looking plastics to finish off your bike in a wide range of colours including the classic KTM team racing colours of black and orange. Top aftermarket KTM parts include rear brake reservoir covers, fork protectors, headlight masks (sold without light in most cases), chain guards and side panels.
  • Do I need a plastic chain guard for my KTM?
    Chain guards are useful KTM motorcycle parts as they help to prevent chain noise. Also many people do not bother to get suited up when going out for a quick ride so the chain guard will help to prevent shoe laces or loose clothing from getting caught up in the chain and will also protect your clothing against any oil flicking up from the chain.
  • Do KTM do bikes for juniors?
    KTM do a great range of smaller 50cc and 65cc dirt bikes for the junior rider and kids will love the fact they look like mini replicas of the adult bikes. These have adjustable seat heights (ideal to adapt the bike as kids grow older) and have a great quality of finish. KTM bikes sell well and there are plenty of affordable replacement KTM motorcycle parts available for those inevitable spills during practice.
  • What modification kits are available for KTMs?
    You can buy lots of different KTM parts and modification kits for KTMs which can allow you to upgrade your bike in terms of performance, durability and style. Top KTM parts include anodised rims, brake rotors, triple clamps and enhanced chassis, brakes and suspension sets.



Replica Plastics - SUZUKI



  • Can you change the graphics on a dirt bike?
    You can buy some great team racing Suzuki parts and graphics kits and this means you can swap your standard kit for something a little more sporty and stylish. Taking off old plastics is easy with a hot air gun or good hair dryer. All you need to do is heat the graphics for a few moments (make sure the air flow is not too hot). This should cause the adhesive on the reverse of the graphics to warm and pull free so you should be able to peel them off without damaging the plastic. Once you have taken off the old graphics you can clean the plastics thoroughly and put your new graphics on. If any of the panels are chipped or scratched you should think about replacing them as this can spoil the look of your new graphics. You can buy lots of replacement plastics and Suzuki parts online at affordable prices.
  • Should I replace damaged plastic panels on my Suzuki dirt bike?
    The plastic parts on dirt bikes are designed not just to look good but also to protect key areas of the bike from damage in the event of an off-road spill. However this means they can easily get scratched, split and broken. You should replace damaged plastic panels, fenders and covers as soon as possible for a number of reasons. Firstly they make your bike look old and tired. Secondly broken or split panels could expose more expensive parts to wear and damage. Thirdly if you are racing you may not be allowed to take part if your bike is not in good condition as damaged plastics can break free during a race and cause hazards to other riders. Replacement plastics and Suzuki motorcycle parts are widely available from both offline and online suppliers.
  • How can I get air bubbles out of the new graphics on my dirt bike plastics?
    You can buy graphics kits and other Suzuki parts online. It can be tricky getting your new graphics set to fit smoothly first time and you may spot a few tiny bubbles across the plastics once you have finished. These are easy to deal with and you simply take a pin and gently prick the bubble. Now you can squeeze out the trapped air gently and the graphics will lay flat and smooth again. A new set of graphics are a great way to freshen up your bike and give it a new racing look.
  • Are Suzuki parts cheaper on the Internet?
    There are hundreds of dealers and independent providers who offer Suzuki motorcycle parts and accessories online. This can be one of the best places to find some great deals on Suzuki parts, clothing and aftermarket kits for your dirt bike so it is worth checking online before you make any purchases. When you are buying Suzuki motorcycle parts online you do need to check that the part is compatible with the model of your bike. If you are not sure what the model is you can check the original paperwork or look on the frame plate. Always make sure the part is compatible before you buy it and check that the website provides a returns policy for Suzuki motorcycle parts just in case you do order the wrong product first time.
  • What are enduro dirt bikes?
    Enduro bikes are built for the toughest conditions and are off-road vehicles that combine the speed and agility of motocross bikes with the endurance of trials bikes. Enduro events are long distance and cover a great range of terrains from flat-out dirt race tracks through to rutted forest floors covered in roots and boulders. This puts dirt bikes to the ultimate test and because many events feature road sections the machine must also be road legal with horn, front and rear lights and a speedometer. If you are taking part in enduro races you will need Suzuki motorcycle parts and machines that can stand up to a lot of hard wear.
  • What enduro bikes does Suzuki sell?
    Suzuki has a good reputation for providing durable, hardworking enduro bikes and there are several different models available. The new RMX450Z is a great good mid-range option which offers both electric and kick starts, a solid 18-inch rear wheel perfect for difficult terrain and a powerful fuel injected 450cc for that competitive edge.
  • What spare Suzuki parts do I need for competitive dirt bike racing?
    If you are going to enduro or motocross events then you can expect your bike to take some damage during the races from rough ground, collisions and minor spills. You will need a good tool kit, full fuel can, engine oil and some basic Suzuki parts for spares such as handlebar grips, replacement plastics (fenders, fork covers etc.), clutch and throttle cables and a tire repair kit.
  • Why should I buy a Suzuki dirt bike?
    Suzuki has an excellent pedigree when it comes to off-road motorcycling. They were the first Japanese manufacturer to enter the World Motocross Championships back in 1966 and by 1971 they had won both the 250cc and the 500cc events. In 1975 they also won the newly introduced 125cc event and took home the title every year for the next decade. Suzuki were also the first manufacturer to introduce the powerful fuel injected dirt bike engines in 2007. If you want a reliable, affordable dirt bike then there are some great Suzuki 125cc, 250cc and 450cc models and because these bikes are popular there are plenty of Suzuki parts and accessories available. You can buy Suzuki parts online quickly and easily.
  • Can you replace the handlebar grips easily on a Suzuki dirt bike?
    Handlebars are your direct connection to your dirt bike so they need to be comfortable and secure. If your handlebar grips get worn or are uncomfortable you can buy a great range of affordable Suzuki parts online to find replacements. It can be difficult to replace the throttle side of your handlebar set as it could be connected to the original throttle tube. In this case it is best to take your dirt bike to a mechanic to ensure the handlebar replacement is carried out correctly.
  • Do I need safety wiring on my Suzuki dirt bike?
    Safety wiring makes handlebar grips even more secure and offers more resistant to give you a firmer grip. It is important to make sure your bike has this feature and you can get lots of different spare Suzuki parts online and also from offline dealers and independent suppliers.



Replica Plastics - YAMAHA



  • Are parts for Yamaha dirt bikes easily available?
    This manufacturer produces some of the most popular motocross and off-road motorbikes on the market and so there are plenty of replacement Yamaha motorcycle parts available. You can buy direct from dealer outlets or from one of the many excellent online and offline independent suppliers. There are also plenty of aftermarket Yamaha parts available so that you can modify your dirt bike to suit your requirements.
  • What is the top speed of a Yamaha dirt bike?
    This will depend very much on the model, engine and age of the bike. The Japanese motorbike market is obsessed with speed across the range from dirt bikes to performance road bikes so you can expect the newest models of each range to offer the best top speeds. For example the 2009 Yamaha TT-R125E/LE boasts a top speed of 95km/ph, which is 30km/ph faster than the previous 2008 model.
  • Why should I choose a Yamaha dirt bike?
    Yamaha have been a leading name in dirt bikes for the last few decades and produce a range of really solid, high performance off-road bikes that are used by both competitive and hobby riders. Yamaha produces some of the most reliable motorcycle engines in the world that can stand up to a lot of heavy use and a good Yamaha dirt bike will provide years of service if you look after them well. Also Yamaha motorcycle parts are affordable and widely available which makes these dirt bikes cost effective to run.
  • Where can I buy Yamaha motorcycle parts?
    Any good motorcycle spares service will have a wide range of Yamaha motorcycle parts for sale. You can buy these online and offline through manufacturer sponsored outlets and also independent suppliers. Third party manufacturers also produce a good range of after-market Yamaha parts and replica plastics which can be a cost effective way to modify your bike for the track or road. Lots of motorcycle spares services offer extensive parts catalogues. This is a great resource and you will be able to browse through in your own time and then phone or email your order for the Yamaha parts you need.
  • Which Yamaha bikes are suitable for children?
    If your children are interested in taking up motocross then there are a wide range of Yamaha bikes available for kids. This includes the PW50 and TT-R50E, which are both designed specifically for smaller riders. A speed restrictor option is included on the PW50 so that parents and coaches can control the speed until the learner is confident and skilled enough to ride on their own. The TT-R50E does not have the speed restriction option but is a good bike for the more experienced young rider. Children’s motocross is very popular and these bikes sell very well which means there are plenty of relevant Yamaha motorcycle parts for sale.
  • Which Yamaha bikes are best for competitive dirt bike riders?
    Yamaha produce a wide range of dirt bikes and the WR450F and WR250F models are very popular with serious and competitive riders. These bikes are designed specifically for speed and agility and are robust enough to stand up to big jumps and the roughest terrain. The WR450F and WR250F are both very popular competition bikes and this means there is a wealth of high performance replacement and aftermarket Yamaha motorcycle parts available.
  • What spare Yamaha parts do I need for motocross events?
    If you are a serious rider then you should make sure you have a few basic Yamaha motorcycle parts in stock when you attend competitive events. If you take a big spill out on the track you can cause a lot of damage and this could prevent you from continuing in later races. There will be limited fixes you can do out on the field but you can make use of essential replacement parts such as plastics (fenders, side panels etc.), sliders, handlebars grips and brake/clutch levers.
  • What Yamaha dirt bike accessories are available?
    The off-road industry is massive and there are a huge range of aftermarket accessories and parts for all makes and models of dirt bikes. Yamaha parts are widely available and you can buy a variety of accessories including biker clothing, hand grips, replacement plastics, timing plugs and kick start kits. Yamaha also produces a wide range of brand accessories including everyday clothing, caps and watches.
  • Should I buy Yamaha bikes new or used?
    When you buy a new Yamaha dirt bike you can be sure that the bike is clean and ready to provide you with years of great service. You can get some great deals on older models that have been sitting in the showroom, but this is still an expensive option. If you are just starting out in off-road motorbike racing then it is a good idea to buy a good used Yamaha bike. You can get a solid bike for a fraction of the cost of a new one. Also if you shop around you should be able to find bikes that already have some expensive aftermarket Yamaha motorcycle parts fitted such as high performance exhaust systems, upgraded front shocks and race quality tyres. Some private sellers will even throw in some kit they no longer need such as helmets, boots and jackets.
  • What size Yamaha dirt bike should I buy?
    Basically if a bike is too big for you it will be much harder to control. When you are riding around on rough terrain control is essential to avoid accidents and a bike that is too big will be uncomfortable and difficult to manage. When you are buying dirt bikes make sure you sit on a few different models and check that your feet can just touch the ground. A bike that is too small for you will also be uncomfortable and you will find the seating positioning very cramped. If you are intending to ride in organized events it is essential you have the right size bike so that you have the agility and performance to be competitive.