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BMC Air Filters

BMC have more than 30 years experience in the motorcycling industry from which to draw their experience in producing an air filter unmatched in quality and performance.

BMC Air Filter is a worldwide leading company in the manufacture of air filters and air intake kits for cars and motorcycles, both for on-road and racing use. The company is located in the heart of the "Motor Valley" in Medicina, near Bologna and more than 90 distributors around the world.


Born in 1973, in 1976 BMC developed it's own first racing motorbike. The company entered the Formula 1 world in 1995 designing and supplying high performance air filters to several teams. The aftermarket replacement air filters line was launched in 1996 and three years later the company entered the OE sector becoming Tier1 supplier of the most important car and supercar manufacturers. In 2005 BMC started its long-lasting winning cooperation with Yamaha MotoGP.

Committed to a never-ending R&D activity aimed to develop advanced intake systems, innovative materials and new technologies for the main worldwide winning racing teams, BMC is proud to bring the best performing racing solutions into the whole line of motorbike products.

BMC Aftermarket Replacement Filters

Made with oiled cotton gauzes and designed to perfectly fit the original air-boxes, BMC filters combine performance optimization with guaranteed engine protection.

STANDARD FILTERS: designed for an everyday use, they guarantee reliability, safety and performance;

RACE FILTERS: designed for a combined highway / track use, they are the perfect choice for the riders seeking maximum performance from their bike.

BMC Conical and Carburetor Filters

BMC direct intake conical filters can be installed on any bike by replacing the original airbox with the filter. The conical / cylindrical shape allows an easy-fitting procedure, providing custom motorbikes with a unique style.