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Polisport Plastics

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Polisport offers a wide range of replacement OEM plastics in an assortment of colours for the majority of popular MX models. Polisport plastics also specialize in a range of superior headlights, hand protectors, gas caps, rider protection, universal fenders, top boxes, fork boots and much more.

Polisport has been manufacturing plastics since its inception in the early 1980’s. Since these early pioneer days, Polisport has steadily built its strong reputation around quality plastics, innovative designs and technological revolutions in the motorcycle market.

Some of the greatest Polisport innovations in recent times are:


DGP (Durable Gloss Polypropylene) – a unique plastic that enables a glossy finish with an extremely durable nature.


DI (Dual Injection) – two entirely different materials used in the same product to create the perfect balance. Used in the new Polisport FREE FLOW and DEFENDER Hand Guards.


IPD (Inmold Plastic Decals) – a new and revolutionary technology that permits the bike graphics to be actually inmold on the plastic part.

The above innovations clearly illustrate the strength of the Polisport R&D Department which is constantly seeking new ideas, materials, tools and production processes in their range of motorcycle plastics.

As a result, Polisport Plastics are used by many leading MX, SX and Enduro Teams around the world today.

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