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Pirelli Dominate At Round 1 Of ASBK At Phillip Island

70 views  •  4/03/2020

In the lead up to the first round of the 2020 ASBK championship there was a lot of chatter from fans and racers alike about how the upcoming tyre war would play out. After several big name tyre manufacturers once again re-committed significant resources to their race programs, much interest revolved around which tyre brand would be the tyre of choice for racers and teams throughout the upcoming season.  

Held in conjunction with the opening round of the World SBK Championship at Phillip Island, round 1 of the ASBK championship was held in front of the huge World SBK crowds. The racing certainly didn't disapppoint, with world class standard racing at the front of each of the 3 classes. 

In the Superbike class, it was Wayne Maxwell (above) and his Pirelli shod Ducati V4R that would dominate the weekend, taking pole position before going on to secure all 3 race wins in front of the Pirelli supported Yamaha Racing Team's Cru Halliday, who would finish second in all 3 races.

Pirelli dominated qualifying and all three races in the Supersport 600 class, taking out the top 6 positions across the board. Oli Bayliss and Tom Toparis (above) showed the crowds what happens when two equally matched mates battle it out head to head swaping first and second places too many times to count.

In the 300 class Pirelli again proved dominant with the Harry Khouri (above) piloted Kawasaki placing first in qualifying and all three races with the rest of the top racers also riding on Pirelli rubber.

Pirelli would like to thank all the riders and teams involved in the very successful first round of the Australian Superbikes.

Photos: Russell Colvin


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