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282 views  •  11/06/2018

June 2nd, Republic Day 2018

A day when all of Italy is waving the flag, proud to host one of the most popular, exciting and compelling Grand Prix races. AGV and Valentino Rossi unveil the new Italian flag livery for the 2018 Italian Grand Prix at the Mugello circuit, emblazoned on the AGV Pista GP R, the flagship model of the AGV racing range.

As always, Aldo Drudi and Valentino came up with the idea for the Mugello Grand Prix. For 2018 they designed and created graphics inspired by the spirit of Italy. The focal point is the SoleLuna motif already present on Valentino’s helmet for this season. In the basic system, the colours are what vary the most. The sobriety that Rossi and Drudi wanted to introduce at the beginning of 2018 remains, with a simple, clean design, marked by linear shapes and large expanses of color, inspired by the great classics of the 1970s.

The Italian ‘tricolore’ flag returns to this new version of the AGV Pista GP R helmet after several years in which Valentino had preferred other equally evocative themes for this famous event at Mugello. Viewed from the front, the left side of the helmet is green and the right side red, while the sun and moon are white. The end result evokes a mood reminiscent of pop art.

A product of the AGV Extreme Standards process, the Pista GP R offers a perfect synthesis of protection, performance and comfort. This innovative integrated design protocol revolutionizes the design process, allowing for improved helmet performance in terms of protection against impact, peripheral vision, compact design, reduced weight, aerodynamics, ventilation and ergonomics.

The innovative AGV Extreme Standards process raises the bar in terms of technology in helmet research and development, and represents a milestone in head protection systems.

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