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Ferodo Compound Selection Guide

Compound Pad Code Type of Use Stainless Discs Cast Iron Discs Road Use (Front) Road Use (Rear) Light Comp Use (Front) Light Comp Use (Rear) PRO Comp Use (Front) PRO Comp Use (Rear)
Argento AG Road
Platinum P Road/Off Road
SinterGrip ST Road
SinterGrip SG Off Road
Competition 211 CP211 Race
SinterGrip XRAC Road
SinterGrip STAC Track Day

Road Compound Performance Comparison

Off Road Compound Performance Comparison

Competition Compound Performance Comparison

Operating Temperature
1 = Low temperature
6 = High temperature

The operating temperature of the discs as a result of friction material choice.
Fade Resistance
1 = Poor fade resistance
6 = Extremely high fade resistance

Drop off in friction coefficient under severe braking conditions.
Wet Braking
1 = Poor friction in wet conditions
6 = Normal friction in wet conditions

The effectiveness of the material in wet conditions.
1 = Low
6 = High

Initial friction at the start of the stop.
1 = High noise level
6 = Low noise level

The amount of noise generated during the braking cycle.
Pad Life
1 = Short pad life
6 = Long pad life

The rate of pad consumption.
Disc Life
1 = Short disc life
6 = Long disc life

The rate of disc consumption with the respective friction material.