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With the support of motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide and after incorporating over fifty years of achievements and experience, offers superior wheel and rim technology that meets the demands and desires of today's diverse motorcycle riders.

Excel has crossed many borders and has spread throughout the world to become known to motorcycle fans as the very best.

Link International imports the following Excel Wheels and Rims:

1. Excel Motard – Excel produce a range of motard rims with unparalleled reliability and style in the marketplace.

2. Excel Signature Rims – 10% stronger than OEM rims. These rims are made from unique 7-stage aluminum with unrivalled weld strength in the market!

3. A60 Professional Excel Rims – 15% stronger than current Excel signature rims but with no additional weight! Developed for the Professional MX/SX/FMX and Enduro riders looking for the ultimate in strength and rim durability. Stylish black design with distinctive metallic silver pin stripe. V-Curve design helps reduce mud buildup keeping your bike lighter than the competition.

4. Excel Pro-Series Wheel Sets - Are the ultimate in next generation Motocross racing wheels. Excel's Pro Series design features lightweight universal application billet aluminum hubs with interchangeable drive and brake carrier ring adapters for use on a wide range of today's popular Motocross machines.

Excel Wheel sets are the lightest on the market when compared to current 36-hole aftermarket billet hub/wheel sets and OE wheel set assemblies.

Modular carriers allow you to quickly and easily alternate your wheel/tire race sets for different track surfaces.

Used by top riders in the American SX Series and Australian Honda Lites Team.

5. Excel Harley Rims – For a rim that will lift your Harley to even greater heights of workmanship make sure you use a rim that oozes style and commands attention.

Don’t be let down by inferior rim quality and insist on using the best rim and wheel technology the world has to offer – Excel!

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