Carlton Dry Honda Racing MX Team Photoshoot 2011



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Honda Racing under management and ownership of Yarrive Konsky has been a leading motocross, supercross and superbike team since their inception in 2008. The teams career highlight was winning the 2010 Australian Superbike Championship.


The newly formed 2011 Carlton Dry Honda Thor Racing Team is made up of two riders - Todd Waters and Cheyne Boyd. Todd Waters born in Atherton, Queensland is going into his third year with the team. Since he began his racing career in 2002, Waters has secured five Australian titles, and, until recently was leading the 2010 MX Nationals Pro Open championship. Team-mate Cheyne Boyd is a new recruit for the Honda outfit. The talented rider from Rosebud, Victoria is looking to win his first Australian Championship with the team in 2011.















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