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Ariete Accessories

Manufactured in Italy since 1947


Ariete, which is the trade mark of Sandro Mentasti S.r.l. of Varese, has, for more than 55 years, been synonymous with high quality spares and accessories in rubber and plastic for motorcycles and scooters. This catalogue gives details of many of the popular items which we sell in the motorcycle market, particularly standard products which are suitable for numerous models. We also have a special spares catalogue listing parts by manufacturer for old and new models, which is of particular interest to restorers. We are at your complete disposal to provide any technical or commercial information you may require. Thank you for your interest and consideration.


Ariete grips have participated in numerous sporting events, and have earned an enviable reputation at the highest level. They are particulary appreciated for their quality, dependability and innovative use of materials. Ariete grips perform a vital function for the rider, and perform it well. With more than 50 models to choose from, made with the finest materials, there is a Grip for every application, from Scooter to World Class Motocross. For over fifty years we have used the resources of the most sophisticated petrochemical laboratories. As a result, we con constantly update our materials technology to offer our customers "state of the art" products incorporating real performance benefits. Ariete grips, a tradition of quality.


Comfort and grips, always and everywhere

Grips have always been designed to give the best combination of softness and grip for a particular applications. However, these characteristics deteriorate in time, and also depend largely on temperature. Ariete has solved this problem by introducing a new substance which has a "stabilizing" effect on the component molecules. In this way we have achieved constant performance from our grips, from the snows of Scandinavia to the baking heat of the Sahara.

ASP: our first link with aerospace

The motorcycle industry shares in the general need to contain production costs, yet offer a steadily improving product to the end-user. Part of our success in this area is due to a new plastic, pioneered in the U.S. space programme, which we use to make grips for supply as original equipment. Unlike other firms Ariete has modified its production engineering to obtain best results from the new material, leading to reduced waste, and a product more closely matched to the needs of motorcycle manufacturers. The end result is an improvement in quality, particularly where appearance and dimensional precision are concerned. A.S.P.®: a spin-off from the space programme.

PLUSRUB® Natural Rubber

This traditional material provides softness and grip characteristics noticeably better than the polymers which make up A.S.P.®. We purchase natural rubber from Malaysia or West Africa and than prepare it in our own works, where it is used to produce limited quantities of grips for special applications. Natural rubber grips are available in black or natural "para" and provide unbeatable softness. They offer the best solution to the problem of vibration.

SUPERSOFT®: The latest space-age polymer

Over the last few years, the U.S. space programme has perfected a range of high-performance materials intended for specific tasks in the conquest of space. One of these has been adopted by Ariete for our premium Super Soft grips. The advantages of the SUPERSOFT® material are as follows:

  • The compact molecular structure makes the material stable.
  • It is durable, and not prone to flaking.
  • It remains soft, even at extremely low temperatures.
  • It is not affected by Ozone or Ultra-Violet light.
  • It can be coloured, and the colours available match the rest of the Ariete range.

After extensive development and testing, Super Soft Grips have performed brilliantly at the highest level of international competition. SUPERSOFT® is used exclusively by Ariete in Europe for the production of motorcycle components.

TSC Harri's compound

This material was designed at the beginning of 2000, and is the best we have so far discovered for the manufacture of high performance handlebar grips. The astonishing clarity of the material, and the 'feel' it provides, are the latest discovery of the Ariete design office.